Since 2007 Skyrodomi PC is active in the field of design and production of prefabricated concrete structures for public and private infrastructure projects. It is one of the most complete and well-equipped units in Greece in the production of cement pipes, manholes, and any special construction.

In addition to the prefabrications, the company is also engaged in the production, transport and pumping of concrete for the Prefecture of Karditsa. Our company has the most modern concrete unit in the greater area of Thessaly.

Today the company is run by young people with vision and goals.


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2007 The establishment of the company. Production and distribution of ready-mixed concrete in the most modern facilities.

2013 Conversion of the company Sotiria Spyridoula Papakosta into SKYRODOMI PC and transfer of its headquarters to Thessaloniki.

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2014 Undertaking of concreting project of the E65 Terna highway.


The strategy chosen by SKYRODOMI PC to differentiate itself from the companies of the same sector and gain a comparative advantage is achieved with the proper training of our associates.

Our team listens carefully and studies your every need in order to offer compelling solutions in the fields of concreting and precast concrete.


The supply of an infrastructure project requires responsibility from all departments, so that the production meets the regulations of the European Union.



Our company is equipped with the most modern production equipment

For bell type cement pipes, two meter long
For bell type cement pipes, one meter long
Reinforcement production machine for pipes of all diameters
Machine for special concrete structures
Concrete complex, production 70m3/h
Concrete complex, production 100m3/h
Concrete transport vehicles, 10m3 capacity barrels
Construction machinery, concrete pumping presses
Precast concrete transport vehicles
Concrete and precast concrete quality control laboratory
All the necessary means for the loading of the products

The goal of the company and its executives is to shape the product market and to be informed of new machines that can facilitate production and achieve cost reduction.





SKYRODOMI PC has adopted four criteria by which customers evaluate the quality of its products and services.

Flexibility. The ease of shaping the production according to the needs of the project, while maintaining its unchanging quality.
Warranty. Reliable in time delivery of the requested quantities and qualities, without any material failure.
Reliability. The ability to deliver promising service accurately and consistently within a certain period of time.
Technology. State-of-the-art technology combined with the skills of our partners are reflected in customer service and create positive experiences.

Skyridomi is ISO 9001:2008 certified in all its departments since 2013. It has an equipped laboratory with modern endurance measuring tools for all stages of production.

The products produced by our company are certified and bear the CE mark



Olympic projects
Sewerage project in Thriasio General Hospital
Sewerage project in Efkarpia, Thessaloniki
E65 highway network
Egnatia highway network


Public Housing
E65 Highway
Ring Road of Karditsa
Perfecture of Karditsa
Hotel Thessalikon Grand




The social action of Skyrodomi is an integral part of its philosophy. Actively supports the FLOGA association, the Doctors of the World, the Smile of the Child and the S.O.S. Children’s Villages. Its social action includes a wide range of activities concerning the environment, health, children, culture and volunteering, while it never stops caring about its employees, whom it treats as its most valuable asset, focusing on their continuous training.

People of Skyrodomi believe that business activity goes hand in hand with social responsibility, therefore providing to the society is part of the company’s philosophy. On the threshold of a new decade, despite the international and domestic economic crisis, Skyrodomi continues to make every effort to meet the needs of its fellow citizens and provide to the society.


As an integral part of the local communities in which we operate, we contribute consistently to enhancing local development. The employees of our company are residents of the area, and so they are paid and spend locally. We have also developed stable financial collaborations with a number of local institutions, farmers, and suppliers.

10/04/2014 – THREE-POINT OF LIFE

There was a massive response from Trikala citizens to strengthen the local Branch of the Cancer Society.

At the Municipal Indoor Gym of Trikala, the basketball teams of “Trikala B.C. Aries “and the Greek Veterans Basketball Association went against each other for a good cause.

As trikalanews.gr recorded, the basketball game was held in collaboration with the Region of Thessaly and the Hellenic Cancer Society for the financial support of the Trikala Branch of the Cancer Society, which has been operating since 1993, with the people of Trikala responding en masse, scoring their “three points of life” contributing in support of the great effort made by the local Branch against cancer.

The President of the Trikala Branch of the Hellenic Cancer Society, George Tsianos, appreciating the contribution of the Region of Thessaly and the Regional Unit of Trikala, awarded the Regional Governor of Thessaly, Costas Agorastos, with the award being received by his representative, Deputy Regional Governor of Health and Social Welfare Issues of Thessaly dr. Giorgos Tsigkas, Deputy Regional Governor of Trikala Christos Michalakis and the Authorized Sports Advisor of the Region of Thessaly Efthymios Rentzias, while the Public Relations Officer of the Virginia Simou-Kritikou Branch awarded the leaders of the 2 teams.

Mr. Tsianos first expressed his satisfaction for the peoples’ attendance at the Indoor Gym of the city of Trikala and at the same time expressed his hope and wish for the repetition of this important event with the ultimate goal of making this event an institution for the city.

As for the sports part, it was exciting, with the players of both teams offering a spectacle and performing impressively… with the final winners being “Trikala B.C. Aries” with a score of 117 -107. The event ended with the spectators of the match cheering for the basketball players of both teams.

Article writer: Christina Alexiou
Article source: trikalanews.gr


A training seminar by the company Europartenaire had been held in Kastoria at 10/11-01-15. The subjects of this seminar were teamwork, responsibility and crisis management.

During the days of the seminar the participants stayed at the Limnaion Hotel and tasted traditional delicacies of Kastoria.

The participating team