The production capacity of our unit is able to cover even the most difficult infrastructure projects. Our production ability can range from one-meter unarmed pipes up to the largest pipe in diameter that can be produced in Greece.

Our production is automated, with quality controls at every stage. Our machinery is of the latest technology and automated. Our workforce has been working in our company for many years, is very experienced and is offered a continuous training in new production processes.

Our quality is consistent and our company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. All the products we produced have CE certification and are harmonized with the European standards and the Greek ELOT EN 1916: 2002.

Cement Pipes D300~1200 L=2m

Cement Pipes D1400~2500 L:2-2,5m

Cement Pipes D150~1200 L:1m

Rectangular Pipelines

Rectangular Manholes

Round Manholes with Rubber Ring

Base with PVC coupling (Bells links)

PRΕDL type base (patterned flow)

Manholes D1400~2500


Demarcation Curbs

Manhole – Channel Coating Plates


Prefab Bases for Lighting Poles

Concrete Unit

Quality Control